Scale drawings of locomotives

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Scale drawings of locomotives

Barry uses Gauge 3 2. But aside from Barry's layout being itself visually stunning as it tunnels through walls and crosses hallways via lift-out bridgeshis most impressive talent is his scratchbuilt locomotives and rolling stock.

scale drawings of locomotives

Only Barry's standard gauge steam is presented here, diesels here. Barry may be contacted at blbogs yahoo. Perhaps a personal anecdote to that effect is in order here. Barry and I first met sometime in the early 90s while I was still in seminary, unmarried, and just beginning to dabble in Gauge 3.

As has often been the case in the world of large scale, Marc Horovitz was the facilitator who introduced Barry to myself, having related to him that at least one other person was fiddling with two rail electric models in Gauge 3 but residing nearly a miles away in east Tennessee.

Sometime after that, Barry visited me between semesters at my parents home in Knoxville where I had set up a workshop with a 24' long shelf layout for testing purposes.

Those two tracks, with their 8 crossover, the as-of-then incomplete Canadia City Boxcar and 40' basswood flatwere probably the first Gauge 3 models Barry had seen in person, though he had seen photos of the hard-to-find Magnus products. He was hooked. Several years after this, Barry visited again, and I was able to place a handful of custom-made Gauge 3 axles in his hands. Since that time, he has adopted three of my Gauge 3 flat cars, completed an orphaned 2-bay hopper, transformed a box of disparate parts into a beautiful mallet, built his own fleet of standard gauge freight cars, and constructed the largest indoor dual gauge layout in Given his accomplishments, I'm now convinced either Barry does not sleep, does not really have a day job and is in fact independently wealthy, has a twin brother who also likes trains, or perhaps some combination of all three.

Whatever the case, you may judge for yourself below.

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He is able to work with incredible speed from--now get this--a roll top desk in his family room! The actual urethane casting process, as well as the painting of his models, is done in a non-air-conditioned garage in stiflingly hot and humid Houston and out-of-doors, respectively. Because Barry's models are meant to run, and to run reliably, they are constructed somewhere between museum quality and semi-scale. For instance, since LGB provides the running gear almost exclusively, a given steam locomotive wheelbase may be off by a few scale inches, and Barry's typical wheelset is LGB off-the-shelf with its tinplate style high flanges but most visitors, at least the polite ones, are not measuring his locomotives with a set of dial calipers.

Likewise, brake rigging mounted beneath a car or locomotive is rarely duplicated because it is almost never seen and, well, gets torn off with very much use or handling. Those items for which no commercial parts are available domes, cabs and such Barry scratch- builds, and these parts do scale out on the money. Rivets for instance follow the pattern of prototype drawings and number in the hundreds for any given tender or freight car. What Barry has done, then, is to achieve a workable balance between reliable operation and proportional good looks.

Since LGB does not offer a plastic, Gauge 3 steam locomotive, Barry has had to go beyond the techniques of the typical kitbasher to arrive at something a little more radical, while still making use of a commercially available drive. The result is what might best be described as motor block sandwich.

Simply put, an LGB motor block, with either its own or more likely after-market drivers of an appropriate OD, is regauged using new 6mm axles.

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A new styrene frame to match that of the prototype locomotive is cut out, spacers between it and the motor block are also cut, and the whole assembly is glued and screwed together. No new axle bearings are provided for in the sandwich; rather, the original motor block's own bearing surfaces suffice. New cylinders, engine truck frames, and such are then fabricated out of styrene and PVC tube and attached to the new styrene frame. The only limitation with the LGB motor blocks is 1 wheelbase--unless one is willing to cut the motor blocks themselves apart, change the placement of motors and gears as needed, and re-glue the assembly together and 2 driver OD.

So far the largest LGB driver readily available is that of the Mikado which measures about 43" in It is his first Gauge 3 locomotive, and his favorite so far. The Tender The tender body, shown below, was made from. Peco track nails were then applied to simulate rivets.

The tender underframe is made from Plastruct channels, and the whole affair rides on cast urethane Andrews style tender trucks. LGB plunger type wipers are used for power pickup. The trucks are rigid since the high LGB tinplate flanges assure reliable operation on undulating track.

Locomotive Models and drawing part - 3

The main frames sandwiching the motor blocks are. Similarly the tender and cab are made from. The boiler is a length of 4" OD Plastruct tube.

Full-Size Drawings

Cylinders and domes were fabricated whereas the stack was cast in urethane from a styrene pattern.From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Subcategories This category has the following 3 subcategories, out of 3 total.

Media in category "Drawings of steam locomotives" The following files are in this category, out of total. History of Oswego County, New York A1 Peppercorn Tornado. American engineer American engineer and railroad journal Arhs 58 class. Articul locos rus. Articul locos. Articulated locomotive. Boiler Feed Injector Diagram-2 as. Boiler Feed Injector Diagram-2 ml. Boiler Feed Injector Diagram Boiler Feed Injector Diagrampa.

Boiler Feed Injector Diagramte. Boiler Feed Injector Diagram-kn. Boiler Feed Injector Diagram. Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary b44 Cablage locomotive type 29 SNCB. Canadian transportation and distribution management Cowcatcher PSF.

Cylindrical sliding gear. Der Wahre Jacob Nr.

scale drawings of locomotives

Elevation Drawing of 5AT Locomotive. Entraintripode dans sa forme naturelle. Erie Locomotive, type of Fanal avant R Pyle-National Company. Fire tube boiler. Forney Ariel loco. FS Gruppo R. Gare Du Midi - Brussels Garratt articulated steam locomotive -- concept diagram. Garratt loco. GB C Typenskizze. Gooch valvegear ja.Privacy Terms. The Home Machinist! A site dedicated to enthusiasts of all skill levels and disciplines of the metalworking hobby.

Skip to content. Quick links. Available Diesel Locomotive Drawings This forum is dedicated to Riding Scale Railroading with propulsion using other than steam Hydraulics, diesel engines, gas engines, electric motors, hybrid etc.

Here are scans of the RS3 drawings.

The Home Machinist!

I purchased these from a member here on Chaski. Does anyone else have any copies of original diesel locomotive blueprints? Last edited by FLtenwheeler on Wed Oct 09, am, edited 2 times in total. He who dies with the most unfinished projects: Should of put more time into their hobby. Tho not CNW, you can buy copies of most of those drawings at reasonable prices.

scale drawings of locomotives

I'm not too familiar with diesels but here's a link. Maybe if you contacted them, they might sell you a copy. Just a guess. I dead ended there and it did not allow access to the 75 member forum.

I have no explaination. Now retired, persuing boats, trains, and broken relics. We have enough youth, how about a fountain of Smart. My computer beat me at chess, but not kickboxing It is not getting caught in the rain, its learning to dance in it.

People saying good morning, should have to prove it. The Canadian Pacific Historical Assoc. They are available for free, you just have to register also free before you can get to the documents library. Brian Briggs. Board index All times are UTC.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. SinceAllen Models has been one of the largest, friendliest and most consistent suppliers of parts, plans and castings for the live steam hobby in the United States.

We pride ourselves on continuing Gene Allen's tradition of excellent service and high availability of parts. Whether you're a veteran builder looking to kit-bash or a beginner looking to get into the hobby with an easy to build project such as the Allen Models Chloe or Fitchburg Northern, we hope you find what you are looking for here at Allen Models.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call ator email us at steve allenmodels. We're looking forward to hearing from you about your project needs. In the mean time, our full catalog of parts and plans is available for browsing and ordering below. New 2. Also great for freelance projects! Fulton Section Welcome to Allen Models of Nevada! What's new: New 2. Ties, rail and joiners for 7. Switch Kits and parts for 7.

Track Laying Tools. Harper Sandy River Fitchburg Northern Drivers and Wheels. Live steam tools and tooling. Laser Cut Parts and Kits. New Cast Iron Parts. Truck kits. Community Poll. Which Allen Models engine is your favorite? New Products. Sign Up for Our Newsletter:.Drawings are here:. The foundry I use has become rather busy. As a result, I cannot guarantee the availability of anything shown here. I have a ready supply of the smaller parts but larger parts might require a wait of a number of weeks.

I would, of course, not expect payment until parts are ready to ship. Local pickup near Scotts Valley, CA is strongly encouraged. I have drawings for many of these parts.

A note about my part and drawing numbering scheme: GCxxx names denote unmachined castings. The "xxx" goes from "" to "". GPxxx denotes machined or fabricated parts. I don't normally offer machined castings, but the GPxxx drawings show the machining operations to be performed. GP and up denoted fabricated parts. I don't have these listed for sale, but include drawings as a courtesy to builders.

Assembly drawings also include documentation drawings such as rail and wheel standards and anything else that might be useful for the Grand Scale builder. Here are the rest of the parts needed to build a Carter Bros. Small pedestal, journal box and lid. Set of 1 small pedestal, 1 journal box solidand 1 lid - GC Originally used for 5" scale equipment, it is also suitable for 4" scale or maybe 3" scale. The journal box is solid with a cored hole that can be used in two ways.

One way is to bore and insert a plain or needle bearing in the box. The second method would be to bore the wheel hubs, mount bearings there and have the axle ends pinned inside the bore of the journal box.

The Dirt Train Dump cars were built in gauges from 18 inch to standard gauge and used in many industrial settings.

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One of my memories of my grandfather was his telling me he ran a "dinky" steam locomotive on a railroad construction project in Montana around His train may well have been cars like these.

Dump car. Miscellaneous 5" scale castings. Pie-in-the-Sky projects. I have castings for three styles of arch-bar trucks. Because the narrow gauge South Pacific Coast railroad grade is across the creek from our property, I started with castings to build a Carter Brothers style truck.

Carter Brothers trucks date from the late 's and have wooden transoms cross membersbolsters and spring planks. They were made as swing-motion trucks, where the bolster beam and spring assembly were suspended from hangers to move with the car body independently from the rest of the truck.

This was meant to provide a better riding truck and was widely used up through the 's. Photograph Link. Brake beam backup.

O Scale 2-Rail

Reinforces the wooden brake beam where rod goes thru.From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Media in category "Line drawings of steam locomotives" The following files are in this category, out of total. A manual of engineering specifications and contracts, designed as a text book and work reference for all who may be engaged in the theory or practice of engineering A textbook on the locomotive and the air brake AB G Typenskizze.

scale drawings of locomotives

American engineer American engineer and railroad journal Appendix to Railway practice - containing a copious abstract of the whole of the evidence given upon the London and Birmingham, and Great Western railway bills, when before Parliament, properly Appletons' cyclopaedia of applied mechanics- a dictionary of mechanical engineering and the mechanical arts Badische IIc zeichnung.

Baltimore and Ohio employees magazine BR 01Seitenansicht. Buddicom Paris-Rouen. Bulleid Leader. Bulletin Chaudiere flaman. Crampton Cyclopedia of locomotive engineering, with examination questions and answers; a practical manual on the construction care and management of modern locomotives Dampflok SkizzeMN. Dear old Greene County; embracing facts and figures. Portraits and sketches of leading men who will live in her history, those at the front to-day and others who made good in the past Dingler's polytechnisches Journal Du Bousquet locomotive drawing.

Du Bousquet-plan. DV 26 jelleg. Early steam locomotive. Electro turbo loco aufriss. Engerth-Lok Speiser. Est Est Est Crampton, Etat Etat F.Kent Bolerjack Kent Bolerjack hobbyistRetired. Facebook Twitter RSS.

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All products have been engineered at 1. Family owned and Operated. Electric or gas your choice. We ship all over the World. Our Product Gallery. I am going on my 5th season running this engine and want you to know that it has performed flawlessly for me.

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I have had up to 21 cars behind it and it pulled them effortlessly. You guys did a great on it and also another one you built for a friend of mine. I know he would have the same response. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

They were shipped about July 15th and arrived in perfect condition. All was fine until January when the SD40T2 started jerking and jumping from a standstill. I contacted Train Works and told them about the problem. By Spring time the problem was getting worse and I was told to switch the controllers, when I did the other engine started giving me trouble. When I reported that to Train Works they had me sent them the defective controller, which they returned to the factory for repair.

In a reasonable length of time I received the controller, installed it in the SD40T2 and it has run fine ever since. The engines are three years old now are are as reliable as an electric light switch. Sincerely, Kent Bolerjack. They have a very exciting product line that meets the needs of many large scale modelers. We were given the opportunity to test drive a Train Works locomotive at Train Mountain in I was very happy with the operation. We ran it for several hours in near degree heat with no issues at all.

View More Tesimonials. Custom and special requests are accepted. Your choice of paint and decals Full sprung trucks for smooth ride Some products in stock ready for customizing and options for fast delivery dates.


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